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Andy Robs Bryce Harper of Home Run. On Instant Replay, an anonymous VIP in the MLB said" obviously photoshopped as Andy can't jump that high"

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Dale's Blog

Dale's Blog

Great message from Ginny Ohrberg

By Ginny Ohrberg 11/16/2022, 7:30pm MST

Retirement was change.   I didn’t  do change.  I liked my safe routine.   It is what I knew.  What gave me comfort.  It’s what had worked for me for 36 years!  Raising four children, maintaining my nursing career and keeping a home in working order.   

So when my husband asked me to retire with him when he was given the opportunity to do so, well let’s just say I had a little freak.   Emotionally I didn’t think that I was ready.   Being a mom defined me.  Working as a nurse defined me.   Who or what was I now to be?

To allow me time to process, and at my request, we did very little that first year.  I had flashbacks to my mom’s lack of joy in the retirement that she shared with my dad.  They were gifted a home in Mesa, enabling them an escape from the Iowa winters.   Yet joy was absent. She would comment about “not wanting to be with old people”.   And “how much she missed her children and her grandchildren”.    And, although an active person, she did not partake in any structured play.  

These were some of the thoughts that were in my head as well. 

However, now I recognize that mom and dad did not have the many opportunities that are presented to me here at Palm Creek.  Pickleball, golf, dance, and this beloved game of softball !  This crazy 12”, yellow softball.     I witness the delight it brings by simply just being held in a hand.

I have watched this organization grow and develop, most especially this past year.   Many dedicated individuals have brought their knowledge, enthusiasm, time and energies into building this ball club.    

My 12 year old husband eats, breathes, walks and talks the game!   Ok, so not really 12, but he might as well be!     The friendships that have been developed, skills that have been renewed and the very essence of living fully….well, words can hardly be found.   This softball organization of men and women is a gift.      It is joy.  

I am grateful for my retirement.   I can say that now.   Change can be a good thing.           Fondly, Ginny Ohrberg

Great Softball Video from Robson Ranch Association May 16,2022

By Dale Schendzielos 10/29/2022, 10:15am MST

This is a Video produced by Robson Ranch Softball. It was posted on Facebook. You don't need a Facebook account to view it. It is an epitome of our League. Thanks to whomever created it. Be sure to expand to full screen and turn on the audio in the lower right.

Centerfield Cinema - March 31, 2022

By Dale Schendzielos 08/12/2022, 3:30pm MST

Imagine the movie Sandlot on a screen larger than the softball scoreboard....